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To attract a diverse group of applicants, you need to connect to a diverse group of tech talents.

Finding the right candidates for your company and tech teams has its challenges. Being able to attract diverse candidates is even more challenging. With TechFace, you can attract more female tech talents and share your cultural values with our network. Then we believe in culture-match over specific skills and experience only. If the candidate is the right match, skills can be trained.
Increase diversity, attract more tech talents and strengthen your employer branding with TechFace.

How We Support Your Company

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Company Profile

In the competitive market of tech, you need candidates to want to work for you. Therefore, we offer company profiles that show why your company is the most exciting place to
build a career in tech. We are putting forward qualities that we know matters to our communities.

Talent Matching Events

We make recruiting personal by introducing you to high-potential candidates through speed-dating style interview events. In other words, you can connect with a real person and not just read their CV. This way you are meeting candidates the you would not have meet otherwise.

1-on-1 Introduction

We help companies improve performance through diversity by connecting you to our network of tech talents. We offer services so you don’t have to wait to meet a perfect candidate as we talk to every member. In conclusion, you build a diverse pipeline of potential candidates who share your values.

Conference & Award Sponsors

Expose your brand to our partner communities and become an event or award sponsor. Our yearly conference and award ceremony allows you to connect with female tech community members and present your company as an attractive employer.

“Diverse teams outperform homogenous teams.”

A study by McKinsey has shown that diverse teams outperform homogenous not only in regards to profitability but also in regards to value creation.

Higher Profitability With Diversity

Diverse teams are able to relate to a diverse audience. They increase the company’s intellectual capital and build on different perspectives when developing new products. 
The job-seeking market is highly competitive. However, businesses with a diverse culture attract more applicants as they assess the company culture.


Likelihood of outperformance


Consider company culture

“Diverse management teams increase innovation revenue.”

A study by Boston Consulting Group has found a strong correlation between the diversity of the management team and the overall innovation of the company.

What Our Clients Say About Us

Clients we worked with have experienced the positive impact of exposing their companies to our network of talented women in tech.

“TechFace helped us to connect to talents we would not have met otherwise. The event was very well organised and lead to exposure to communities we would not have had otherwise.”


HR, Axa

“Inspiring and very fruitful evening with great female tech talent! We had the chance to meet a handpicked number of women that work in IT or a related field. From mathematicians to data analysts and cybersecurity experts – we met them all, and that’s good because we’re looking for these profiles for our open vacancies at Swisscom!”

Talent Acquisition, Swisscom

“The fact that TechFace is partner with that company helped me overcome my doubts. I applied to the job and they hired me! The culture is wonderful and I am happy to be a part of this company!”


TechFace Member

“Women have a strong interest in indicators showing that advancement is possible”

While D&I programs have been in place for a while, only a few have yielded positive results. As the report by Boston Consulting Group has investigated, these measures, such as visible role models, parental benefits and inclusive culture have been underestimated.

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