5 Reason to hire a career changer in tech

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Career Changer - why they are your best next hire

So you have been searching for some time already to find your next tech team member? You are looking to increase diversity in your teams but struggle to find diverse talents? We got you! We often hear from companies that it is difficult to hire for diversity and specifically gender diversity. Given that in Switzerland less than 17% of tech employees are female, it is for sure not an easy task to hire for diversity. However, have you ever considered hiring a career changer to increase diversity in your tech teams?

With this post we give you 5 reasons why hiring a career changer might be the best move to not only increase gender diversity in your team!


Reason 1: Motivation

At the age of around 13, kids are being asked to think about their future job. What do they want to become when they grow up? What do they want to work? It is tough to decide at this age already what one should work for the rest of their lives.

It is, therefore, no surprise if people want to change their career at a later point in time as the work environment is constantly changing. When we enter the workforce, we automatically get exposed to more options and possibilities. Thus, we expand our horizons and learn about new opportunities that were not known to us when we were younger.

Changing your career mid-way however takes some courage, which should not be underestimated. Often these candidates do not lightly change careers, they have already spent a good amount of time investigating their options, taking time to learn about the new field, and risking to start all over again. Wouldn’t you think, these are the type of employees who are motivated and committed and go the extra mile to make it happen?


Reason 2: Maturity

People who change their careers have a career already! They don’t start from scratch, they are not new to the workforce and bring a wealth of experience. They are mature!

And this is a fact you should not completely ignore. Your new employee, being a career changer, will know how to build networks. They are able to find information for their daily work, either on their own or by approaching the right person in the company. If you hire one internally, you might not even need to familiarise them with your administrative processes.

Think about the time you have to invest to onboard someone fresh from university and how this could differ from someone who has been in the workforce for a while already!


Reason 3: Soft Skills

Did you know, that the half-time of a learned skill is 5 years? This basically means what you learned 10 years ago is obsolete and half of what you learned 5 years ago is irrelevant. Keeping this in mind, what do you think would be the most important skills in the future?

Right, soft skills! Soft skills are hard to measure and difficult to develop compared to hard skills. However, soft skills such as social skills, interpersonal communication, and character traits are key to lead a successful professional and social life.

In conclusion, soft skills are transferrable skills, they can be applied in all jobs. With the right soft skills, your employees are able to learn anything they need to be successful in your company. Given this, if you meet a career changer, value the soft skills over the hard skills.


Reason 4: Expertise

Let us assume, you are a software development company and you get a new client from the insurance industry. How do you ensure your software team does not struggle with the subject when they build the software?

Often career changers have gained lots of expertise in one or the other area. They are looking to build upon this expertise and make use of what they already know. Given you have a great team of software engineers already in place, hiring a career changer with a wealth of expertise will complement your team. By sharing their knowledge with the team, the career changer becomes an invaluable asset to your team, your company, and your clients!


Reason 5: Perspective

Last but not least, remember what drives innovation? Right, Diversity and Inclusion! The Wall Street Journal’s first corporate ranking that examined diversity and inclusion once more confirmed what we have been known for a while already: “…diverse groups are more innovative and productive than homogeneous groups.”

Diversity in this context, however, does not only apply to gender diversity. It also applies to industry background, career path, or even foreign work experience. These are the necessary experiences a career changer brings to your company that give new perspective on your products and processes and create innovative new solutions.


Are you ready to hire a career changer and increase diversity in your teams? Check out our Full Stack Developer Program and find out, how we support companies to not only increase their gender-diversity.




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