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We want to close the talent gap and increase diversity in tech. Find out more about our team and board of advisors behind the TechFace.


Our Team

Priska  Burkard

Priska has worked over 15 years in finance, where she led national and international projects for major banks with great success. At TechFace, Priska leverages her rigor in finance and experience in management to ensure we are always growing. Priska has a Bachelor Degree in Management Information System and a Master Degree in Investment Management.

Barbara Frank-Nick

Barbara works in the finance industry as Training and Junior Talent Development Specialist. Her former roles include Product Manager Client Reporting, Project Manager and Business Analyst in various IT Projects. At TechFace, she leads the Full Stack Developer Program for female career shifters and – with her excellent client management and organizational skills – is part of the #wetechtogether conference organization team.

Caroline Vrablik

Caroline is Content Creator and Web Developer. With a passion for creativity, social issues, and technology, Caroline has found her perfect fit at Techface. Holding a degree in cinema studies, Caroline has a background in the arts and storytelling. She used to work in the film industry, but quickly switched to the digital and IT fields where she found a new passion and an opportunity to make a difference in society.

Our Advisory Board

Stefany Barker, Co-Founder and Board of Advisor Member TechFace

Stefany Barker

Strategy Advisor

Board of Advisor Member Manuel Evangelista

Manuel Evangelista

Sales & Digital Advisor

Board of Advisor Member Chantelle Larsen

Chantelle Larsen

Business Development Advisor

Board of Advisor Member Natalie Schmidhauser

Natalie Schmidhauser

Human Resources Advisor

Former employees and supporters

Hela Maria Jaffar

Hela Maria Jaffar

Content Writer and Creator

Lena Schwerzmann Projekt Mitarbeiterin

Lena Schwerzmann

Content Writer and Creator

Lilian Roos TechFace Mitarbeiterin

Lilian Roos

Content Writer and Creator

In the news

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Workshop on Flexible working conditions in STEM

Workshop on Flexible working conditions in STEM

As society changes, so too does the labor market. The need for new work models, flexible working conditions, remote work, and a better work-life balance are becoming more pressing. After our co-founder Priska Burkard introduced facts and figures on women in tech, doi...

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Stefany Barker: Diversifying the Tech Space

Stefany Barker: Diversifying the Tech Space

Get ready for a fascinating discussion with  Stefany Barker, a tech lead at Palantir, an entrepreneur and investor. Stefany's journey has taken her from Switzerland to various countries where she studied and learned about different cultures, businesses, and...

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Dem Fachkräftemangel in Tech wirksam entgegenwirken

Dem Fachkräftemangel in Tech wirksam entgegenwirken

Der Fachkräftemangel in Tech hat die Schweiz schon länger im Griff. Vor allem in der Tech Branche begegnet man diese unausweichlich. Viele Unternehmen haben heute bereits Mühe ihre Projekte zeitgemäss umzusetzen, da ihnen die Expert:innen fehlen. In einem kürzlich...

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