Be found for your skills and expertise and become part of the next generation of the female tech workforce.

We need more women in Tech!

Women must be part of future developments in our personal and professional areas. This means women must participate and contribute equally to men when decisions are made to ensure an equal and inclusive world. This is specifically important in the overarching tech industry. Diverse teams are not only a prerequisite to build an inclusive world, they are even proven to be more successful.

This is why we are launching the SKILLS FINDER Project, enabling women to become part of the future tech workforce. 


Why are we not yet there?

Companies realize more and more about the importance and benefits of diverse teams. However, they have troubles receiving applications by female candidates for their job postings. The description of these job postings normally focus on attracting applicants based on what they have accomplished rather than what kind of skills and expertise they bring. Thus, applications by women are often sorted out early in the process or women do not even feel attracted to apply although they have the right skills and expertise.


We want to change this!

At TechFace, we are encouraging women to learn more about companies, their culture and job opportunities with our Company Profiles. In the next step, we want to provide companies the opportunity to connect with these women for job opportunities based on skills and expertise, rather than past experiences, titles and industries. If the matching is based on skills and expertise, women with different experiences or career changers won’t be automatically excluded during the selection process anymore.

Our aim is to achieve a mindset shift. Companies should apply to candidates to fill open positions instead of the other way around.

How can we provide more opportunities?

To do this, we are developing an artificial intelligence (AI) trained platform matching your skills and expertise with the right job opportunities at exciting tech companies. On the platform, candidates can create a profile, where their personal skills and expertise are automatically exracted from the CV. Additionally, certificates and reference letters will be validated. On the other hand, companies are able to match their job openings with your profile and get in touch with you based on proven skills and expertise. This allows eveyone involved to focus on the purpose-culture fit during the interview process.

We need your help!

Allowing our AI platform to fulfil its promise, the system has to be properly trained with a lot of data – your data! The more data we have, the better the system will perform to provide you with opportunities to be found based on your proven skills and expertise.

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Be among the first to be found!

Don’t miss this opportunity and join the movement now. Upload your application portfolio with CV, certificates and reference letters today (or send it to the project lead, contact details are below) and allow us to use it to train the system. As soon as the platform is ready, you will be among the first to have a profile on the platform and can be found. It is entirely up to you to decide, if and which company can get in touch with you.



Our promise!

Your data will be stored safe and secure with a Swiss-based hosting platform. We will only use your data to train the AI model. Once the AI platform is live, you will be informed. Your profile will not be made publicly available without your consent.

For any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


I want to be part of it! 

Please provide your application portfolio including your CV, reference letters and certification. The documents can be in English or German.

If you prefer to stay anonymous, you can delete your name or make your name unreadable in the relevant documents. In this case, it is important for us to receive your portfolio in one upload to create a coded ID for your identity. 


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