Tech Inspired with Emmanuelle David

Jun 6, 2024 | Podcast

Join us on this episode of the “Tech Inspired Podcast” as we catch up with Emmanuelle David, one of the first Hidden Figures Award winners from 2020. Emmanuelle, now the Executive Director at eSpace within EPFL, has had an incredible journey in aerospace engineering, and we’re excited to dive into her story.

She discusses her current role at EPFL, where she combines her passion for sustainability and space technology, overseeing projects and fostering a vibrant student community. Emmanuelle also introduces eSpace’s initiative of creating online courses on various space-related topics. These courses are free to audit, open to everyone, and can be started at any time and completed at the student’s own pace. You can check them out here.

We explore Emmanuelle’s early inspirations, including how a childhood fascination with the Apollo 13 mission led her to pursue a career in space engineering. From studying aerospace engineering in France and Germany to working with major space organisations like the German Aerospace Center and the European Space Agency, Emmanuelle shares her path and the key moments that shaped her career. She also offers insights into the challenges and rewards of working in a male-dominated field and the importance of resilience and adaptability in the aerospace industry.

For those curious about the aerospace field, Emmanuelle provides valuable advice on entering the industry, emphasising that there are opportunities for everyone, not just those with technical backgrounds. She touches on the future of space sustainability and the ethical considerations that come with it, reflecting on the need for careful management of space activities to ensure the long-term usability of outer space.

Don’t miss this fascinating conversation with a true pioneer in the aerospace industry. Follow Emmanuelle on LinkedIn to connect and learn more about her work, and stay updated with eSpace by following their page as well. Listen now to learn more about Emmanuelle’s work and her vision for the future of space exploration and sustainability.

Tech Inspired Emmanuelle David aerospace engineering

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