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Jan 19, 2021 | Podcast

Meet Leïla Haegel, who is equal parts researcher and entrepreneur. Are you curious, how she combines her research about black holes with her ideas how to improve learning and AI? Then, this episode of Tech Inspired is for you.

Leïla is a physicist and currently working at the University of Paris in the Astroparticule and Cosmology Laboratory. Her research focuses on signals from gravitational radiation that are emitted by black holes. It is a rather new and very exciting field of research. During her PhD thesis she first got in touch with machine learning. And she recognised the huge potential of these tools. Thus, she pitched a project to her supervisor. This was a successful starting point and she continued to follow this interest. Additionally, Leïla also tried to pursue ideas outside of academia and used opportunities to learn about entrepreneurship.

On top of her academic work, she is part of the startup MAGMA Learning. Together with her Co-Founder she wants to improve nothing less than the way we learn. Since being a student Leïla was interested in pedagogy and educational science. And she was curious how she could have an impact in this field. Thus, with MAGMA Learning they are investigating how AI technology can be used to make the process of learning more dynamical.

Listen to this episode, to hear how Leïla deals with situations that can be overwhelming. Another important topic that is being discussed, is the issue of making the current AI tools fairer and more diverse.

Last but not least you will learn about her favourite female role models and the best advice she got so far in her life. Let me tell you, it is an advice Leïla readily applied to her work life.


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