Tech Inspired with Akira Brand – Follow up

Feb 20, 2024 | Podcast

Today’s episode of “Tech Inspired,” welcomes back Akira for an insightful discussion on her continued evolution in the tech industry since our initial conversation in 2022. Having transitioned from opera singing to the tech space before our first interview, Akira has since made significant strides in software engineering and cybersecurity.

Akira shares her experience moving from developer relations to a more hands-on engineering role, highlighting the challenges and triumphs of building an application security program from scratch. Her story illustrates the importance of adaptability, continuous learning, and the unique perspective she brings to tech from her background in the arts.

Listeners will gain insights into the realities of working in a startup, the value of mentorship, and how to approach problem-solving and project management when you’re the only expert in the room. Akira also discusses her involvement in public speaking and open-source projects, emphasizing the benefits of sharing knowledge and learning in public.

This episode is for anyone interested in the dynamics of career change, the role of women in tech, and the intersection of technical skill and creative problem-solving. Akira’s journey is a compelling example of how diverse experiences enrich the tech industry.

For those looking to connect with Akira or learn more about her work and how she transitioned to cybersecurity, check out Akira’s LinkedIn profile.

TechInspired Podcast with Akira Brand

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