Tech Inspired with Anais Salson

Apr 25, 2024 | Podcast

Join us on a new episode of the “Tech Inspired” podcast where we catch up with Anais Salson, the vibrant Head of Partnerships at 42 Lausanne and last year’s audience favourite at the Hidden Figures Award. Anais shares her unconventional journey into the tech world, from her studies in political sciences and the pivotal moments that steered her towards technology as a powerful tool for solving real-world problems.

She discusses her role at 42 Lausanne, a revolutionary coding school that promotes a tuition-free, peer-learning environment aimed at anyone eager to delve into programming. She emphasises her mission of making education accessible and reflects on her role in nurturing partnerships that support diverse student success.

Anais also reflects on her entrepreneurial ventures and her insights from a global exploration of education’s future, which eventually led her to her current role in Switzerland. Her story is a testament to the power of adaptability, networking, and never losing sight of one’s purpose, even when transitioning from an entrepreneur to an employee.

For anyone curious about the non-linear paths that can lead to impactful careers in tech, or looking to understand how diverse experiences can enrich the tech industry, this episode offers a wealth of inspiration and advice. Anais’ journey underscores the importance of embracing change, pursuing purpose with passion, and the role of education in transforming lives.

Tune in to discover more about Anais’ work and her views on the future of technology and education. It’s an episode filled with valuable insights for anyone aspiring to make a difference in the tech world or anyone simply interested in the transformative power of technology and education.

Follow Anais on LinkedIn to connect and learn more about her work, and stay updated with the latest from 42 Lausanne by following their page as well.

Tech Inspired with Anais Salson

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