Tech Inspired with Andrea Tribelhorn

Jun 22, 2021 | Podcast

Meet Andrea, who is a Cyber Security Consultant at Detecon. Without a technological background or role models in the family, she discovered her fascination for technology during her studies. Part of this fascination is the work at the interface of management and technology.

What is it about her job as a Cyber Security Consultant that hooked her from the beginning? The main goal of Cyber Security is to reduce the risks to have a profitable business case. Therefore, it is part of the job to deliberate about the current threat landscape versus where protection is needed and feasible. Thus, the job is different every day and a new challenge needs solving.

Additionally, it is important to stay on top of new trends with continuous education, trainings as well as conferences attendances. Andrea is currently the president of the ISACA Switzerland chapter. ISACA is an international professional association focusing on IT Governance. In her opinion, the interest to dive into the technologies and the motivation to understand the ins and outs is a must.

Do you want some free advice? Andrea puts it in a nutshell: Everyone is new with the new technologies, even the ones already working in technology, so do not hesitate to get started in the field of your interest. Additionally, she shares her insights about the future of Cyber Security and its job opportunities. On top, you will hear the best advice she got so far and how she applies it in life.

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Andrea Tribelhorn Cyber Security Consultant

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