Tech Inspired with Bettina Wolko

Feb 25, 2020 | Podcast

Meet Bettina Wolko! She is a software engineer at Namics with a very interesting background! Originally, she did an apprenticeship as a chemical lab assistant in Dusseldorf. However, she soon realized that software engineering was a way cooler option. When offered the opportunity, she started a degree, where studying and working was simultaneously was possible. Despite a certain naive thinking in the beginning, she would absolutely do it the same way again. Discover why she made that career change in this podcast episode.  

Additionally, we discuss different why she must start mornings with coffee and what a typical day is like for her at work. Hint: It is not typical at all. Above all, Bettina helps us debunk the coder stereotype myth we see in movies. A big motivation for her, is the way software developers solve problems. There is not only the one right solution. On the contrary, every work colleague brings in his or her ideas and way of problem solving, which makes it a very interesting way of working and learning.

Although it took her some time to learn to code, Bettina is a firm believer that everyone can learn to program! There are different ways to achieve this goal: online courses, books (see recommendation below, in German only) or coding bootcamps. She shares her recommendations for anyone thinking about career change, especially when you want to become a software engineer. In her opinion, it is and will stay to be a sought after position in the job market.

Listen to Bettina’s wise words for anyone thinking about changing careers and the best advice she was given so far. Afterwards, you will see that this one definitely applies to work and life! 


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