Tech Inspired with Stephanie Lambert

Mrz 20, 2023 | Podcast

Meet Stephanie Lambert, Head of Global Sales Operations at Wingtra. Despite having no background in tech, Stephanie has found her way into the industry through her passion for disaster relief and her willingness to explore the unknown.

Stephanie Lambert shares her journey from being a typical ballet-dancing girl to becoming a Head of Global Sales Operations and a member of the Swiss Humanitarian Aid Corps.

She gives valuable advice on how to enter the drone industry and stresses the importance of being open, talking to a lot of people, and trying things you don’t know. She also talks about the future of drones and how they can benefit people.

If you’re curious about how Stephanie’s journey unfolded and want to learn more about the future of drones and the industry, listen to this episode now. Stephanie’s inspiring story and valuable insights are sure to leave you motivated to explore the unknown and step outside of your comfort zone.

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Stephanie Lambert

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