Tech Inspired with Anna Thumann

Feb 23, 2021 | Podcast

Meet Anna Thumann, who is currently studying Mechanical Engineering in her third year at ETH Zurich and building an electric aircraft. Concurrently, she is the president of LIMES – Ladies in Mechanical and Electrical Studies at ETH Zurich. The main goal of LIMES is to connect female students with industry partners and help them grow their peer network. Additionally, they are educating and motivating female high school students to study Mechanical and Electrical Engineering.

At ETH Zurich students can participate in a focus project. E-Sling is the very first aviation project. Twelve students are building the first fully electric four-seat aircraft with a modular battery system in just 8 months. What fascinates Anna about this project is the sustainability idea in an aviation project. Concurrently, she gets the chance to work in a team trying to solve the many challenges arising on a weekly basis. If sustainability is one of your passions, you’ll agree with Anna’s vision of the future of tech. She is convinced that we should focus on real sustainability and becoming fully electric.

Thus, if you know want to support the e-Sling project, there is currently a crowdfunding. With a bit of luck, you can win a flight in the aircraft. Or you can add your name on the aircraft, and thus, be part when making history.

Finally, when talking about role models, Anna mentions the current rector of ETH Zurich. Sarah Springman has an impressive career as a civil engineer and former elite triathlete. What makes her a great role model is the fact that she is very down to earth and always open to share her experiences.

To conclude, we are sure that Anna will be an inspiring role model for girls following in her footsteps.


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