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To attract a diverse group of applicants, you need to connect to a diverse group of tech talents.

Finding the right candidates for your company and tech teams has its challenges. Being able to attract diverse candidates is even more challenging. With TechFace, you can attract more female tech talents and share your cultural values with our network. 

Job Ads & Talent Pool Access

* = 10% discount for 3 job posts
** = combined with other jobs
Hiring Employer Branding
Job Ad Talent Pool Access
& Search Profile
Employer Branding Employer Branding
& Hiring light
Employer Branding
& Hiring
Job Board post 1* 1* - up to 5/year up to 5/year
Duration 60 days 60 days - 60 days 60 days
Talent Pool Access
Placement Fee - 15% - - 15%
Newsletter mention 1 per year 1 per year 2 per year
Social Media Postings ** ** 1 per year 1 per year 2 per year
Podcast Episode - - - 1 1
Blog Post - - 1 per year 1 per year 1 per year
Company Profile

Get more exposure to the target group with a Company Profile:

  • Expose your mission, vision, and why your company is a great place to work
  • Get an outside-in view with a dedicated workshop and understand how your culture is perceived
- -
Highlighted on top - -
Initial Cost for Profile - - CHF 1,500.00 CHF 1,500.00 CHF 1,500.00
Price (excl. VAT) CHF 290 / 60 days CHF 390 / 60 days CHF 2,490 / year CHF 3,490 / year CHF 4,490 / year

Additional Services

Job Post Check

Make sure your job ad is attractive and inclusive with our Job Ad Check

  • Review the job ad with the appropriate tools
  • Suggestion for text improvement to reach more female tech talents

90 CHF/Job

Cultural Workshop

Diversity starts in the company. In this workshop, you will learn how your company can increase diversity and equality by

  • Analyzing the company’s current situation and challenges
  • Determine qualitative and quantitative goals for increasing diversity
  • Define approach and implementation plan

on request

Event Sponsoring

Promote your brand in our partner communities and become an event or award sponsor:

  • Sponsor the annual #wetechtogether conference.
  • Hidden Figure Award Patroness
  • Company co-branded event

from 2’500 CHF

Diversity Manager as a Service

Diversity Management as a Service

Elevating your Business with
Diversity Manager as a Service

Diversity Manager as a Service (DMaaS) is a concept where companies outsource their diversity, equity and inclusion efforts to TechFace, an experienced service provider. It’s like having dedicated experts who understand the nuances of fostering diversity, inclusion, and equal opportunities in your tech teams and beyond.

It’s not just a checkbox; it’s a commitment to changing the game for the long run.

Diversity Manager Services

As your Diversity Manager, TechFace creates and executing tailored DEI strategies according to your unique context for the long run. This includes but is not limit to:

  • Organize in-house training sessions to foster awareness among leadership teams
  • Initiating programs to cultivate inclusive work atmospheres
  • Champioing the integration of diversity and inclusion into the culture of the company
  • Establishing metrics and monitoring progress effectively
  • Augmenting employer branding approaches with a diversity angle
  • Elevationgrecruting efforts to broaden and diversify the talent pool

Price on request

All prices are excluding VAT and are subject to change

How to increase diversity in your tech Team?

Find out with our whitepaper!

What Our Clients Say About Us

Clients we worked with have experienced the positive impact of exposing their companies to our network of talented women in tech.

“TechFace helped us to connect to talents we would not have met otherwise. The event was very well organised and lead to exposure to communities we would not have had otherwise.”


HR, Axa

“Inspiring and very fruitful evening with great female tech talent! We had the chance to meet a handpicked number of women that work in IT or a related field. From mathematicians to data analysts and cybersecurity experts – we met them all, and that’s good because we’re looking for these profiles for our open vacancies at Swisscom!”

Talent Acquisition, Swisscom

“The fact that TechFace is partner with that company helped me overcome my doubts. I applied to the job and they hired me! The culture is wonderful and I am happy to be a part of this company!”


TechFace Member

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