This was #wetechtogether Conference 2019

7st of March 2019, Zurich

By bringing all female tech communities together, we want to reach the largest amount of people, women especially, who either are already in the field of technology or have an interest in joining. 

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This was #wetechtogether conference 2019

#wetechtogether conference 2019 Speakers

Meet trailblazing women in tech and hear their stories about how they got into tech, what challenges they faced in their careers and listen to their tips and insights supporting you in your career.

Alexandra Haas

Carolyn Mattes-O’Brien

Research Engineer at VirtaMed

Alexandra Haas

Jen Jen Chung

Senior Researcher at ETH Zurich

Alexandra Haas

Patricia Egger

Senior Consultant Cyber Risk Services at Deloitte AG

Susanna Tron

Susanna Tron

Analytics Specialist and Knowledge Engineer at SwissRe

#wetechtogether 2019 Experience Sessions

ETH Robotics Labs

Ever wanted to experience how it is to work with robots? Do you want to know how a flying robot is used for? Get up close to the robots from the ETH Robotics Labs and talk to the inspiring women experiencing with them at the lab.

Hack a blockchain app by Deloitte

Are blockchain applications secure by default? Definitely not! Deloitte has developed a blockchain application to show how such systems can be attacked. The application contains two of the most common security vulnerabilities that plague these types of systems. Get some hands-on experience with a blockchain application and see it get attacked right in front of your eyes!

Dive into Virtual Reality by Red or Blue Labs

Whether you prefer to dive into a dream world, fly to the moon, play action games, paint artworks in 3D or meditate on the beach, virtual reality provides you endless opportunities to experience a different world. Get your experiences and talk to experts about what is possible and how to get into this exciting industry.

Immersive touch by Sensoryx

Sensoryx’ glove system VRfree® allows you to use your hands and fingers accurately and realistically in VR giving players an unprecedented level of immersion and allowing intuitive interaction such as playing the piano or painting a room, all without the need for cumbersome and counter-intuitive hand-controllers.

Structured Networking with WE SHAPE TECH 

Networking might be hard sometimes, but we all know how important it is for our careers. In fact, one-third of all employees between 16 and 29 in the EU found their jobs through personal contacts. Another study found out that 40% of all open jobs in Germany are filled through personal connections. And needless to say, the higher you get in your career, the more important personal connections become: 70% of managers in Germany found their jobs through networking.  

So, join WE SHAPE TECH during the event for a structured networking session, talk about professional and personal subjects such as goals, matters, successes, and experience. Ultimately grow through powerful connections that help you accelerate your professional life.

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