Tech Inspired with Leonie Flueckiger

Jan 17, 2022 | Podcast

Meet Leonie Fl├╝ckiger, co-founder and CTO of Adresta and a former ETH Juniors team member. Leonie grew up in an environment without an immediate connection to the areas of MINT. She never saw herself as very intelligent and was struggling to get into the gymnasium. Soon enough however she discovered her motivation and passion to learn new things that opened up many potential career opportunities.


Thanks to the career adviser, she discovered the field of Material Science and started studying it at ETH. During her studies, she got to know the ETH Juniors, a student consultancy of ETH Zurich. Thanks to one of the team members at that time, she landed her first project in the airline industry. Many more followed until she worked on an innovation project for an insurance company. This was the start of your entrepreneurial journey!


Listen to this podcast with Leonie, a founder that is fascinated by the many possibilities of tech and her motivation and passion for a career in tech. Learn more about her journey and how she enables the watch and luxury industry to go new ways with technology in her role as co-founder and CTO of Adresta. And why emotions and personal connections play a vital role in the future of tech!


Connect with Leonie on LinkedIn.

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Leonie Flueckiger | CTO of Adresta


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