Tech Inspired with Maryia Kayser

Feb 22, 2022 | Podcast

Meet Maryia Kayser, Head of Software Development at Nexxiot, an IoT company. She studied Physics and Mathematics, then Economics and currently she is working in Software Development. Maryia became a Web Developer by fixing one thing on a website and continued coding the whole website. By chance she got into the Tech industry, but she does not want to change a bit of her journey so far.

Maryia’s diverse background helped her navigate the different management and tech related challenges in her jobs. Her hard work paid off in a way that she was presented with opportunities at the right moment in time. Listen to this episode to learn more about her way into Tech and the values she looks for in her team and daily work. This includes recommendations how to figure out, if your new interest is also your passion, and how to approach people and thus grow your network.

What Maryia likes about her job is the constant problem solving. Sometimes there is not the one right solution to issues but it is a process of optimisation. Luckily, she works for an IoT company that produces tracking devices to optimise supply chains. Thus, daily problem solving is part of the job. Further, their products are contributing to a more sustainable cargo business by reducing inefficient transports. If problem-solving and sustainability are your  passions too, do not wait and get in touch with Mariya.


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Tech Inspired with Maryia Kayser


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