Tech Inspired with Petra Donka

Aug 24, 2021 | Podcast

Meet Petra Donka, a Software Development Team Lead and Software Engineer at Scandit in Zurich. She is going to be a speaker at the #wetechtogether conference 2021 and will talk about augmented reality solutions for modern enterprises. But before that, she shares with us, why she has switched from English Literature studies to Computer Science.

Petra always considered herself as a geek person and had tech in her life since she was a kid. Because of that, she decided to first study literature as she wanted something special. Soon she realised, that tech suited her much more as this was coming more natural to her. Starting her career then at Scandit opened different opportunities for her to try new things. She was curious to learn new technology on the side and could use these skills and expertise at work.

Want to know what is her most important advice to find a job, no matter if it is tech or not?

Listen to this podcast episode to get the answer!

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Tech Inspired with Petra Donka


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