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Apr 17, 2023 | Podcast

Meet Sandra Zimmerli, Cloud Engineer at novaCapta.

From a young age, Sandra was fascinated by computers. She began customizing her first computer – built her own web browser and desktop widgets. She spent hours teaching herself how to use Visual Basic and build web pages, and coding quickly became her hobby.

However, despite her passion for technology, Sandra did not have any role models in the tech industry while growing up. Her perception of the industry was influenced by stereotypes. When she attended career days back in school, the image on the description of a computer science apprenticeship was very stereotypical, and not appealing to the young girl at all.

After finishing her education, Sandra did a commercial apprenticeship but did not enjoy it. She realized that her passion lay in IT, so she applied to an advertising company where she first started in web design. It was here that she realized she preferred the technical side of the job and transitioned to IT support. In this position, she was involved in several cloud-based projects that fueled her passion for cloud technology.

Sandra did not have any formal education or experience in IT. However, she was so enthusiastic about the job that she got it. In the tech industry, motivation and willingness to learn are valued more than the experience you have.

In this podcast episode, Sandra shares her daily work routine and discusses the impact of AI, the future of cloud technology, and how she uses ChatGPT for her work. She believes that passion and motivation are more important than years of experience, and encourages listeners to pursue their passions in the tech industry. If you’re interested in tech, find something that you like and just do it.

At the end of the podcast episode, Sandra also mentions Lara Dickenmann as her role model, a female soccer player who played for the Swiss national team and is known for her charitable work and efforts to promote gender equality in sports.  

Connect with Sandra on LinkedIn.

Sandra Zimmerli Tech Inspired Podcast


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