Tech Inspired with Sofia Martinez Gomez

May 18, 2021 | Podcast

Meet Sofia, who works as a Cyber Security Specialist at Roche Diagnostics Europe. In this episode, she talks about her way, from liking puzzles as a child, to a stint as a consultant to her current work in cyber security in the MedTech field.

Sofia studied Mechanical Engineering at ETH Zurich because she liked the challenge. Being interested in challenges is in her opinion a common trait in people working in Technology. After finishing her Bachelor she worked at Deloitte as a Cyber Security Consultant. Through this network, she got the chance to change into MedTech. Now, she is responsible for the security of medical devices.

Do you wonder what a day in the life of a cyber security specialist looks like? Well, Sofia shares some questions and concepts she deals with on a daily base. For example, did you ever think about the security of medical devices used by your doctor to diagnose a health issue? My guess is, not many of us do that. The good thing is, we very seldom have to because Sofia and her colleagues are always thinking some steps ahead and trying to understand the mind of people with criminal intentions and what they could plan to hack medical devices to gather very personal information about us.

Listen to this episode to hear more about her experiences during her career so far. Let us share just one insight here: Asking never hurts! That’s how she got the chance to do her Master Thesis at Roche, which later led to a job offer.

Finally, we asked for her opinion about the way technology is heading. Sofia believes that technology is as an enabler to build a better world. Because technology already gave many benefits when used in the right way.

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Tech Inspired with Sofia Martinez Gomez


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