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Dec 22, 2020 | Podcast

Meet Tanja Koch, who recently started her career in the 3D printing industry. Additionally, Tanja is the Zurich Ambassador for Women in 3D Printing. A global association to meet and exchange experiences about working in the 3D printing industry. 

Tanja works at 9T Labs, a startup from ETH Zurich that manufactures carbon composite 3D printers. She is responsible for the marketing activities. Originally, she studied Mechanical Engineering at ETH Zurich. Hence, the job allows her to combine her technical background with the business aspects of a startup company. Her work is constantly changing. Tanja works closely with the sales and software department to tell compelling stories about their products. Because their customers are form very different industries. For example, MedTech, aerospace or luxury. Personally, she wants to work in a position where she can keep learning. On top, she learned quickly that in business you do not have to know everything all the time compared to the days at university.

What fascinates Tanja about 3D printing? It is a new and exciting industry with so many possibilities. Today, kids are introduced to 3D printing in school and learn to build things. Another advantage is the automation of manufacturing. It is also a more ecological way to do business. Because companies can have the supply line directly inhouse, manufacture only when needed, produce less waste and reuse the materials.

Listen to this episode to hear Tanja’s take on the future of tech. She mentions diversity. Every year more young women enroll in technical studies. Tanja is convinced that in the future a more diverse workforce with different backgrounds will lead the progress in technology. Are you interested in Tanja’s insights about the future of 3D printing? Then this episode is for you, free career advice included.


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