Tech Inspired with Viola Sini

Mar 19, 2024 | Podcast

Meet Viola Sini on the latest episode of the Tech Inspired podcast – Information Security Officer at the Swiss Post and a passionate volunteer for She Leads Tech. Viola shares her unique journey from a marketing intern at IBM to a leader in cybersecurity. Discover how a background in languages and translation paved the way for her career in technology. And the events that led her to the forefront of information security.

In this episode, Viola discusses the crucial role of curiosity and communication in tech. She is highlighting her mission to make the digital world safer and more understandable for everyone. She offers insights into the challenges and rewards of working in IT audit and information security, including the importance of staying updated on emerging technologies like AI and supply chain management. (Her favourite resources included!) Viola’s story is a testament to the non-linear paths that can lead to fulfilling careers in tech, emphasizing the value of lifelong learning and adaptability.

Viola also sheds light on the evolving landscape of IT security, stressing the need for “security by design” and the ethical considerations in technology development. She envisions a future where social engineering and digital deception become even more sophisticated, underscoring the importance of critical thinking and skepticism online. Her perspective is a call to action for diverse talents to contribute to creating safer digital environments for all.

Don’t miss this inspiring conversation that bridges the gap between technology and humanity, demonstrating that tech careers are as much about safeguarding our societal fabric as they are about innovation. Listen to the podcast now to gain valuable career advice, insights into the dynamic field of information security, and Viola’s vision for a more secure and inclusive digital world.

For those looking to connect with Viola or learn more about her work, connect with her on LinkedIn.

For those keen on staying ahead in the cybersecurity field, Viola recommends the following resources:
English: SANS Ouch, SANS NewsBites, ISACA SmartBrief on Cybersecurity
German: Inside IT, Swiss IT Magazine

TechInspired with Viola Sini


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