Tech Inspired with Marisa Tschopp

Mar 24, 2020 | Podcast

Meet Marisa Tschopp! She is a researcher at scip ag, a cybersecurity and tech company in Zurich. There, she is conducting research about artificial intelligence (AI) and technology from a psychological perspective. Her research areas are about trust, behavioral performance measurement of conversational artificial intelligence and lethal autonomous weapons system. Therefore, she is finding answers for questions such as “What does it take to trust AI?”, “How smart is Siri?” or “Killer robots and how to ban them!”.

At one point in her career, she decided that it is time to spend her time in a job that is not just good enough. It took her one year of work to land her dream job at scip. Want to find out how she approached her job search? How she connects her studies in psychology with cybersecurity? And why it is it so important that companies do research as well.

Listen to this podcast and get amazing advice on how everyone can find their dream job. Additionally, Marisa talks about why networks are so important. And finally, how small steps can lead to ambitious goals according to the best advice Marisa got in her life.

Want to hear more from Marisa? Check out her YouTube channel!


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