Stefany Barker: Diversifying the Tech Space

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Stefany Barker

Get ready for a fascinating discussion with  Stefany Barker, a tech lead at Palantir, an entrepreneur and investor.

Stefany’s journey has taken her from Switzerland to various countries where she studied and learned about different cultures, businesses, and entrepreneurial mindsets.

Tune in to learn about Stefany’s mission to bridge the talent and gender gap in the Swiss tech sector through her initiatives GirlsinTechSwitzerland and TechFace. We’ll explore Stefany’s perspective on why it’s crucial to move beyond just talking about diversity and instead focus on improving hiring practices and highlighting skills.

We’ll also hear about her other businesses at WaaS Websites and her angel investing endeavors at Moonshot Network.

Don’t miss this inspiring conversation with Stefany Barker on the latest episode of Swisspreneur Show. 

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