Tech Inspired with Anna Maria Blengino

Mai 24, 2022 | Podcast

​Meet Anna Maria, who is a Senior Director in IT Strategy and Innovation at Sunrise.  As a child she followed her curiosity to take things apart and put them back together. Inspired by her father and by her mathematics and physics teacher, she fell in love with technology. Consequently, she graduated as one of three women with an engineering degree and worked for the first couple years in construction. Anyway, at the end of the 1990s telecommunication was on the rise and captured Anna Maria’s interest.


She started from the bottom as an industry (career) changer and continuously used her curiosity to explore the different options. Thus, she worked in different industries and countries; the jobs varied from hands-on to more strategical positions. Now, Anna Maria shares her career learnings from the last three decades with us. She mentions repeatedly that it is important to keep moving to stay on top of innovation.


Listen to this episode to get the full insight from Anna Maria’s impressive career and her take on the future of telecommunication companies, digitalization, and new work. Finally, Anna Maria gushes about her favourite female role model. This woman is literally reaching for the stars yet outspoken about injustices and relatable in her life choices. Listen till the end, you might be inspired too.


Connect with Anna Maria on LinkedIn.


More about the #wetechtogether conference on 1st of October at Technopark in Zurich.

Tech Inspired with Anna Maria Blengino

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