Tech Inspired with Karina Stump

Mrz 21, 2022 | Podcast

Meet Karina Stump, who is the Leader Category Management Supermarket at Digitec Galaxus. Previously, she worked for almost a decade in the luxury and fashion industry. There she had various roles from finance to marketing to management. In many of these jobs she had touch points with the tech world. Be it building a cv platform at university or leading a new pricing system at a well-known jewellery company.


Despite limited contact with technology when growing up, her practical interest and curiosity in new tools and systems helped her get hands-on with new technologies. Again and again, Karina was able to create safe environments to try out and make experiences to learn about the structure and logic behind systems. She mentions that she is generally not the expert in discussions with IT people. However, she can challenge them because she understands the basics of a technology or system and advancing the discussion with this knowledge.


Did you know that Digitec Galaxus offers over 3.5 million products in their online shop? Karina shares some bits about the need for automation, the use of artificial intelligence and marketing. What fascinates her the most about her job is the scale of the whole environment and the agile company culture at a tech company. Additionally, Karina talks in this episode about the future of e-commerce. There might even be the passing mention of the metaverse. On top, she shares why curiosity is her most important skill.


Connect with Karina on LinkedIn.


Learn more about Digitec Galaxus in their company profile.

Tech Inspred with Karina Stump

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