Tech Inspired with Solveig Helland

Okt 24, 2023 | Podcast

In our latest podcast episode, we had a fascinating conversation with Solveig, a dynamic software engineer and AI enthusiast based in Switzerland. We delved into her unexpected journey into tech, the challenges she faced, and her experiences working in both big corporations and startups.

Ever wondered how to break into tech without a traditional background? Solveig’s advice is simple: don’t be discouraged by job requirements. Apply anyway, even if you feel underqualified. You might be underestimating yourself!

We also discussed the future of AI and its impact on the job market. Worried about AI taking over your job? Solveig’s perspective might change your mind. Embrace curiosity, she says. Start experimenting with AI tools, like GPT, and see the possibilities for yourself. And remember, failure is just a stepping stone to learning and growth. Finally, she shares with us that a former Tech Inspired guest is one of her favorite female role models, find out who it is here.

Do you want to know more about Solveig’s inspiring journey and her insights into the tech world? Tune in to our latest episode and get ready to be motivated! Are you ready to embark on your tech adventure?

Connect with Solveig on LinkedIn.

TechInspired with Solveig Helland

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