TechInspired with Stefany Barker

Dez 21, 2021 | Podcast

Meet Stefany Barker, Software Engineer Team Lead and co-founder of many interesting initiatives and organizations. Besides being a co-founder with entrepreneurial skills, she has been an inspiring role model herself for me.
Stefany and Priska have meet 5 years ago at a Female Founder event in Zurich and connected on the same experience – being a woman in the male-dominated world of tech! This experience has not only brought them together to strive for more diversity in tech. It was also the start of a supportive friendship. Today, Stefany works at Palantier, a software provider that focuses on analyzing big data. However, Stefany did not choose the path into tech right away. She actually started first studying economics and worked for a bit in the finance industry. It was actually her boss at that time, that recognized her interest in tech! And despite that both her parents were working in tech and did not think of this to be a career path for her!
At this point, her path changed and she pivoted into tech. And from then on, she was ready to thrive in tech. Working for a startup, building up her own idea, co-founded Girls in Tech Switzerland, TechFace and WaaS and finally leading a team at Palantir! For Stefany it is very clear, that tech is the future. And so she knows where the most exciting area will be: everything around data!
In this podcast, we get to know Stefany up close and personal, she shares with us why she admires the CMO of Netflix, Bozoma Saint Johns and sees her as one of the many female role models she has in life and talks about her most valuable skills (spoiler, these are not tech skills). Want to hear what is the most valuable advice she got and how she is living it? Listen now to this special podcast and learn from one of the biggest advocates for more diversity in tech and inspiring co-founder and role model!


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TechInspired with Stefany Barker co-founder of TechFace

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