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Lunch menu by Zum guten Heinrich

Zum guten Heinrich
Zum guten Heinrich
Zum guten Heinrich

Pick-and-Go Salades in the Jar

3 types of Heinrich’s heartwarming Stews


  • Lentil-Vegetable Salad with roasted Onions – Balsamic Dressing (v/g)
  • Chickpea-Vegetable Salad – Sesame-Lemon Dressing (v/g)

v = vegan
g = gluten free

  • Cashew-Chickpea Stew with Vegetables (v/g)
  • Chili sin Carne with smoked Tofu and Beans (v/g)
  • Mixed Vegetable and Chicken Curry
  • Beetroot-Chocolate Brownies (v/g)

We cook with what nature provides and, above all, how nature provides it. With bulky and surplus vegetables, namely. Our three-legged carrots, crooked cucumbers and huge hairy plugs do not correspond to the usual ideal of beauty, they would normally be disposed of. But we put them in a pan, pot and preserving jar – that’s where they unfold their true values!
We use berries, nuts and seeds, cider apples and all kinds of other stem fruit. We are adept at using spices, show love for detail and: We have fun with it.

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