Tech Inspired with Rosy Lockhorst

Jul 26, 2022 | Podcast

​Meet Rosemary Lockhorst, Founder and CEO of  StoryByte Studio, which specialized in digital storytelling, using the latest technologies in gamification and entertainment. Rosemary, or Rosy as she introduces herself, was already interested in tech at very early age. However, even though she had a computer at the age of 9, she decided later to pursue a career in the hospitality industry.

Working in an irish hotel, her younger brother visited her. He pointed out, how much more she could make going into the tech industry. And that was ther start of her career in tech.

So Rosy changed into software engineering! As easy as it might sound at first, it took her a while to build up her career. However, Rosy never shied away from saying yes to opportunities that were offered to her. Soon she took over a Project Manager role and with the help of friends and family, she was able to thrive in this role.

Her career took her to different companies and areas in tech. Until one day she realised that she was hitting a glass ceiling. It was time to take a break and step out of tech completely. Rosy went to the US to attend classes on screen writing. While being in the US she run into a former colleague, who got interested in what she was doing now; storytelling. Her colleague was looking for an opportunity to digitalize a book she wrote. And just like that, Rosy got another opportunity to start her own entrepreneurial journey!

If you want to know, how she built her company and why Al Gore gave her the best career advice, listen to this podcast now!

Connect with Rosy on LinkedIn.

Rosy will be attending the #wetechtogether conference 2022 as a Knowledge Session speaker – find more info here!

Tech Inspired Podcast with Rosy Lockhorst


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