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In June, we had the great opportunity to collaborate with Migros to organise an event with iMpact for women in tech with lots of career advice! It was an empowering and inspiring event for many of our members and employees of Migros. Many insights and tips have been given, let us share them with you!


An event with iMpact

We started to organise the event together with different team members of Migros. We soon agreed that this event has to provide women the opportunity to not only learn more about the different technology at Migros. The event should also give attendees the opportunity to see how they can have an iMpact. As such, we soon defined the set up of the event. First, participants will get inspired by leading women with their insightful career advice. Next, they get the opportunity to have hands-on experience with tech at Migros. Lastly, a networking area provides the space to connect with like-minded women in tech. With this common goal in mind, we organised this event in a collaborative approach in no time and with lots of fun!


Get inspired by leading ladies

On the day of the event, 22nd of June 2022, the event kicked off with Franziska Reist, who leads one of the biggest tech programs at Migros. She let the audience know the reason why Migros is organising this event. Being the biggest employer in Switzerland, Migros wants to empower more women to pursue a career in tech. Therefore, this event gives women an opportunity to get hands-on experience with technologies at Migros. 
Next, Laura Meyer, CEO of Hotelplan, took the stage for an encouraging keynote. Although she studied law, her career path has lead her to many different industry. However, all these industries have one common denominator; technology. Above all, she shared lots of insight and tips she gained in her career. Here are her top five career advice:


Laura Meyer - Career advice Nr 1

Career Tip #1

Say yes to opportunities.

Never let an opportunity pass by not taking it. Say yes and don’t think too much about if you have all the skills yet.


Career Tip #2

Avoid the busy bee trap.

Being too busy, is not a sign of doing it right. Take time to relax, recover and spending time with friendst o be at your best..

Laura Meyer - Career advice Nr 2
Laura Meyer - Career advice Nr 3

Career Tip #3

Follow people – and create followship.

Surround yourself with people you admire and who support your career.  Build your encouragement network.

Career Tip #4

Do things you love, work for things you love.

Feeling connected to your work makes it easy to thrive and be outstanding.

Laura Meyer - Career advice Nr 4
Laura Meyer - Career advice Nr 5

Career Tip #5

Take care. Some things in life are fragile.

Understand what can not be fixed once broken, and what can be replaced. Your job can always be replaced.

3 more career advice

  • Choose your partner wisely
  • Continue your career
  • Get more support than you think you need
Laura Meyer - additional career advice


Get your hands on tech

After the motivating speech by Laura, all the participants were eager to learn more about the technology that is used at Migros. Therefore, the different discovery booths were just the right place to do that. Participants spread across the room and visited the booths and their teams. Here they learned more about:

  • User Centric Product Design (UX) and how it puts the customer at the centre to deliver the best services
  • Increasing customer and business value to make faster and better decisions thanks to insights and patterns through analytics
  • Lean-Agile Journey and how it helps to work together faster, better and safer to ultimately make customers and employees happier
  • SAP Backbone of Migros Group and the underlying sales and logistics process
  • Technology-driven business models in eCommerce to enable the best shopping experience
  • Technology as an innovation driver in the supply chain
  • Career opportunities in tech at Migros

Finally, the networking area with lots of food and drinks invited all participants to connect and network. They talked, they laughed and they got to know other women in tech and Migros employees. The chatter and many smiling faces did not leave any doubt; it was a successful Migros event for women who want to iMpact and move technology with lots of career advice to take home.

Want to learn more about how it is to work at Migros? Join the #wetechtogether conference 2022 and meet our main sponsor Migros on stage, in a workshop or at the exhibition stand!

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