Tech Inspired with Susann Pätschke

May 4, 2023 | Podcast

Meet Susann Pätschke, Ground Station Modem Engineer with CGI for ESA/ESOC.

From a young age, Susann has always been fascinated and interested in space, planets, and galaxies. Her parents recognized it pretty quickly and gifted her a telescope, igniting her curiosity and love for all things related to space.

As she pursued her studies in aerospace engineering at university, Susann wasn’t sure where her career path would lead her. However, she found herself drawn to the technical aspects of the field and how data could be collected and analyzed through software. Although the aerospace and satellite market is incredibly vast, Susann has found her place in the software and data transmission area, which she finds challenging and exciting.

The field of aerospace engineering remains predominantly male – it was during Susann’s studies and continues to be today. At conferences and meetings, she often finds herself as the only or one of the few women. However, she also recognizes that this can work to her advantage, as it makes her more memorable to those she meets.

The aerospace and satellite market is vast and encompasses much more than just the exploration of other planets. It plays a vital role in our daily lives, from navigation to telecommunications. Without space technology, our world would not function as it does. The space industry has seen significant developments in recent years, and its impact on our everyday lives continues to grow.

What does a typical day look like for an aerospace engineer? How can you enter the field of aerospace engineering? Is special education required? What developments can we expect in the space industry in the future? Don’t miss out on this fascinating discussion – tune in to the podcast now!”

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Susann Pätschke


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