Tech Inspired with Megha Shrestha

Jun 13, 2023 | Podcast

Meet Megha Shrestha, the CEO and co-founder of Metabloqs – the first Swiis Metaverse platform.

Her story is one of passion, determination, and unexpected twists. From a young age, she was exposed to computer courses and programming, setting the stage for her future in the tech industry. Despite pursuing a degree in business administration, Megha’s career began at the largest tech company in Nepal in the sales department. With the support of mentors and colleagues, she gained technical knowledge.

The Metaverse found Megha Shrestha organically, leading her on an incredible journey she never anticipated. In this podcast, Megha shares her insights and knowledge about the future of the Metaverse. She unravels its potential, discussing topics like the future of the web, the transformative power of generative tech and AI, and how these technologies will shape our lives.

Curious about the entry points into the Metaverse? Megha addresses who can make the transition from any industry or role, emphasizing the importance of curiosity, passion, innovation, creativity, and thinking outside the box. She firmly believes that anyone can adapt and thrive in this space with the right mindset and a willingness to learn.

Can Metaverse interactions replace real-life interactions? Listen to the episode for in-depth exploration and gain insights into this intriguing topic and more.

Connect with Megha on LinkedIn.

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