Tech Inspired with Dorothea Baur

Sep 21, 2020 | Podcast

Meet Dorothea Baur, she describes herself as an independent ethics and AI expert. Five years ago, she started her own consulting business Baur Consulting. After an impressive career in academia, she is now working as an  ethics advisor for companies in the financial industry. More recently, she has immersed herself into the field of artificial intelligence (AI) and ethics. Additionally, she is a lecturer at Hochschule für Wirtschaft HWZ in Zurich and an active contributor on Twitter in these topics. Concurrently, she collaborates in different international networks and is frequently invited as keynote speaker to conferences.

She sees herself as a sparring partner for companies and students. She likes to challenge them to think about ethical issues. Thus, she helps to define the necessary vocabulary to tackle the ethical questions at hand. Additionally, she supports the process to overcome the “negative” association with ethics. Because ethics is not a softie topic, on the contrary, it is very important to talk about it, especially in technology. Moreover, she raises awareness for our power over and responsibility for technology and shows where human judgment plays a role.

In this podcast, Dorothea shares how her intrinsic motivation changed as she became her own boss. Her continuing inspiration are the intellectual challenges that she can work on a daily basis. There is no such thing as routine in her job, which is on the one hand very rewarding but at the same time also very demanding. Further, she shares her advice how to find your dream job aligning with your personal values. Do not compromise on your authenticity. If you do, you lose your integrity. That is something other people normally notice. Listen to this podcast, to learn more about ethics in AI, achieving your dream job and who her favourite female role model is.


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