Tech Inspired with Sandra Tobler

Aug 18, 2020 | Podcast

Meet Sandra Tobler, the Co-Founder and CEO of Futurae Technologies AG an ETH Zurich spin-off that specializes in cyber security. Her company strives to set new standards in authentication security without compromising on user experience. Before founding her company, Sandra worked for over 14 years in different positions in the IT industry worldwide.

For her, IT is the underlying element that makes countries advanced or not. Thus, it is the most powerful and creative industry with all the positive and negative aspects known. In her opinion, technology is democratic with flat hierarchies, bottom-up initiatives and knowledge-based career opportunities. However, despite ongoing digitalization, the perception of IT security stayed somewhat the same in recent years. She points out that IT security is not just a box to tick off on a checklist. On the contrary, it must be treated as an integral design element of a framework, service or digital product. Additionally, you’ll learn about the biggest threats in IT security and why ignorance is dangerous for corporates.

Sandra is a passionate promoter of the different players in the IT security ecosystem. As a board member of the initiative Swiss Cybersecurity Startup Map, she knows first-hand about the variety of companies in Switzerland. Additionally, Sandra talks about the skills that are in high demand and too few people combine, yet. An absolute must episode to listen to for people thinking about a career in cyber security.

When talking about female role models, she shares the reason, why Ada Lovelace is one of them. Finally, Sandra talks about one of her most important lessons learned. That is to always validate who gives advice and if that kind of advice is beneficial for you or your business, even if it is well meant advice.

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