Tech Inspired with Dalith Steiger

Jun 22, 2020 | Podcast

Remember our recent podcast episode with Marisa Tschopp? Let us introduce to you her role model: Dalith Steiger. Get to know Dalith’s journey from Software Engineer at UBS to Co-Founder and Managing Partner at SwissCognitive. In her newest venture she builds a network to discuss the opportunities, impacts and development of Artificial Intelligence and diversity.

She chose to study Mathematics and Information Technology because numbers are easy to understand. Moreover, programming languages are international and spoken worldwide. Logically, this field attracts a lot of attention. That is one reason why Dalith is a big advocate of diversity in technology and especially Artificial Intelligence. Another one is the presence of bias. She explains why it is important to involve diverse teams in the process of translating information into algorithms. In her opinion, female strengths such as reading and dealing with emotions, creativity or the ability to build connections, do not get the attention needed in this process. She calls for more thoughtful coding.

Technology is the tool that enables us to build business. Dalith talks about that nobody should be afraid to get in touch with technology and why this is an eye-opening experience. Finally, learn why this can be an advantage for people without obvious connections to technology.

Listen to this episode to learn Dalith’s four key principles and what drives her as a mother of two teenage girls to make sure that the next generation has a perspective.


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