Tech Inspired with Nisha Lehmann

Aug 23, 2022 | Podcast

Meet Nisha Lehmann, Senior Customer Success Manager at Merkle.

Nisha has been working in Tech for 15 years. Her career choice was an accident because she never had an aspiration for the IT area. She studied journalism and had a dream of becoming a writer. But when she finished her education and tried to find a job — she wasn’t successful. After that, she accidentally found a job as a technical writer that was totally different from journalism.

There she obtained her first skills in coding and programming. She never thought about herself as a technical person, she was always more creative. But subsequently, she understood that everybody can be technical if he decides to do it. Everybody has creative and technical skills, and it’s just a decision on which one to focus.

With her master’s she decided to proceed with information systems, and after that finding a job was much easier. She found a new job — in IT consulting, where she had been working for nearly 7 years. There she helped to bridge the gap between technical resources and business requirements and analysis.

The Tech sphere gave her the possibility to try a lot of different things in a short time, to experiment, and the opportunity to find out what she really wants and needs. In turn, consulting was a great opportunity to learn a lot in a modest amount of time, but it was also challenging.

Her motto is to be patient and not to be afraid to fail. Want to listen to more career advice from Nisha? Listen to the podcast and discover how to drastically change your career.

Connect with Nisha on LinkedIn and find out more about Confidential Conversation here.

Merkle is also one of the sponsors of the #wetechtogether conference 2022 on the 30th of September and the 1st of October in Zurich.

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