6 Popular Jobs You Can Find in the Metaverse

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The previous year, on 28 October, Facebook changed its name to Meta and became hyped as never before. Everybody is becoming aware of this concept and the number of popular metaverse jobs is increasing tremendously. This concept has been with us for a long time, but it was a bit nerdy and geeky and wasn’t so popular.

Meanwhile, you can meet it everywhere – starting from popular movies and TV shows, and ending with kids discussing the concept of the metaverse at school breaks.

Technology is constantly evolving, and Gartner predicts that 25% of people will spend at least 1 hour per day in Metaverse by 2026. Everybody hears about Metaverse almost every day, but what is it? In fact, it’s like the real world, where people can connect, interact, work, buy stuff and play with each other. But there is one important difference – everything happens in a digital space.

There will be a lot of job possibilities and tons of new and different positions. The number of options depends only on your creativity. Some of them we can’t even imagine now, but we can make firm predictions for a few based on the available data and analyzing modern trends.

Do you think about finding a popular job in Metaverse and want to know what will be in demand in the future? Let’s discuss 6 professions that will exist and will be in high demand.


1. Metaverse Software Engineer (AR and VR)


A crucial role in Metaverse without which it is impossible to make it all. But the scope of knowledge will be much bigger. Engineers need to have more skills that will help them to build systems that feel intuitive and natural. They need to improve their soft skills – be more open and collaborative with other teams. Despite the difficulties, this Metaverse jobs will be one of the most popular. 

Required skills: In addition to important AR and VR skills, they need to have proficiency with popular simple languages like C++ and more complex ones like Python or JavaScript, experience with 3D and design tools like Blender, Unreal, Maya, and UX knowledge.


2. Metaverse Cyber Security


Unfortunately, the real world and internet space are not safe. As such Metaverse can’t be a safe space for everyone either. Even now we can predict various threats such as data leaks, cyberattacks, and data theft. In this case, we need to create a totally new approach to cyber security. 

Required skills: background in regular cyber security and programming.


3. Metaverse Blockchain Developer


They are essential and build a foundation of the Metaverse. Blockchain developers will be responsible for implementing and creating a digital blockchain for enterprise solutions. They make the fundament of the NFT market, which is crucial for Multiverse. They also need to understand operating architecture integration and system selection. Developers will also benefit from expertise in multiple platforms and programming languages.

Required skills: software development, debugging, and analysis.  Deep knowledge of how blockchain technology works, finding potential problems in the system, and understanding how every part of the system is connected to others. 


4. Metaverse Product Manager


Product Manager will be responsible for driving product development, fixing various bugs before production, and going deep into Metaverse users’ desires, pains and wishes. Also, Product Manager will bridge the gap in the communication between engineers, designers and other team members. They need to have good communication skills, it will be a bit similar to Product Managers now, but in a totally new environment — they will need to have a deep understanding of Web 3.0.

Required skills: defining the vision of the product, working closely with all departments, high level of flexibility, leadership and deep knowledge of Web 3.0.


5. Metaverse World Designer

This role also can sound like something that we already know, but this is a delusion. The job of Metaverse Designer will be challenging – they need to shift a lot of things – methods, tools, mindset, and the whole concept of design in general. Designers need to enormously expand their skillset and learn storytelling and different 3D tools. Also, the design won’t be in isolation, it will be a part of holistic interconnected experiences. This job will also be a popular and organic way for designers to develop in Metaverse. 

For sure, they can choose what they want to design – from clothes and avatars to whole digital experiences and virtual spaces. And again, there is only one restriction — your imagination.

Required skills: extensive knowledge in 3D design, UI/ UX design, an in-depth understanding of game design, skills in animation and sound creation. 


6. Metaverse Marketer

It’s a great opportunity to switch from a Marketer role to a Metaverse Marketer. It’s hard to imagine the modern world without marketing. We can’t create anything without promotion in this huge and hectic digital world, it will just be lost. Of course, Metaverse can’t exist without advertising. And there will be tons of people who are responsible for advertising. 

All brands need to create a good marketing strategy, otherwise, they will go out of the market and lose this competition. Big brands like Nike, Disney or Gucci are already creating a plan to enter the metaverse and make their product in digital form. It’s hard to predict what exactly marketers will do there, but it will be more complex and creative. Brands can create an immersive and interactive experience. They can create stories and games for their products and create whole universes. 

Required skills: digital marketing, creative thinking, extensive knowledge of Web 3.0.


Are you in?

Just a few decades ago multiverse concept was just a science fiction concept, but now it’s our reality. 

Metaverse is not the future, it’s our actuality that is developing so fast, that we can’t fully realize and understand it. Every day the quantity of jobs in Metaverse is growing and we are just at the beginning of this path. It’s hard to predict which point we can reach this way. But we are confident that Metaverse will have a prospective future.

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