Six Tips to Achieve Your 2020 Goals

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What are you ready for this year? What are you going to do to get what you want?

Most of us have big ambitions for 2020 and our “why” for these ambitions is probably crystal clear. We know what we want to achieve and what we’re capable of – we’re inspired and ready to go. But between the celebrations and setting goals have you given thought to “how” you will go about fulfilling each goal?

This is the tricky part.

So, as you set off to accomplish your goals whether for your career, health, finances or personal life, here are six tips to keep in mind to ensure you attain each of your objectives.

1. Power plan

The goal is your “why” and a roadmap is your “how”. Decide what you want and work backward to create your plan including all details necessary as they will help you get there. Make simple, realistic and achievable goals and be honest with yourself about how you will achieve them over the course of the year. This should be your master plan and organizing yourself could be very effective in achieving yo goals such as by dividing it into a quarterly or monthly timeline.

2. Bite-size

Goals should be challenging and exciting – that means to go big! The key to blaze through them is to break everything down into bite-size chunks you can easily digest. So, once you have a plan in order, consider the size of the tasks you need to get through – sometimes we put too much on our plate and end up feeling overwhelmed. Make to-do lists specifically for each of your goals and then include one of the items from a couple of your goals lists in your daily to-do list. You can schedule your goals and their steps into your calendar too, which doubles up as a daily to-do list.

3. Replace old with new

Maybe one of your goals is about habits. Getting rid of an unwanted habit will only work if you change your behavior, so replace it with a new behavior you want to adopt instead. Doing this will ensure that you’re prepared every time you catch yourself doing that one thing you know you want to conquer.

4. Choices and decisions over resolutions

Resolutions tend to have low commitment rates because they are intentions or aspirations and what you actually need to smash through the day is the decision to do so. So, swap your intentions for decisions, and make your goals a lifestyle choice, a way of life, or call them solutions to the problems you’re solving. This is you deciding on something that’s going to be permanent, or at least until you have achieved it.

5. Second nature

In order for you to stick to your plan and achieve your goals, you need to make sure that it’s natural for you to do so. Integrate, associate or make your goals a part of your every day. No exceptions. No matter how small the step or if you spend only 5mins on it, that’s always better than nothing. This will help you stay focused and you’ll see the result of small actions taken daily at the end of the first quarter. You’ll be surprised how much you would’ve already achieved.

6. Have a squad

Whether at home or at work, your support squad will help stay accountable and motivate you when you need it. Being their support as they tell you about their goals will also help you become more aware of your own. If you hit a wall, they’ll help you climb over it. Rather than wasting time punishing or feeling sorry for yourself, turn to your squad when you are running out of fuel, or lacking inspiration as they will motivate you and keep you centered.

So there you have it. 2020 – new decade, new goals and new ambitions. Investing the time now to prepare for the year ahead will help make sure everything runs smoother. Remember that things may not always go according to plan, however, so be flexible with yourself.

Give it your all this year but remember that achieving great things takes time. When you hit a roadblock or start to question your goals, take the time to get inspired again and continue onwards. And when do you achieve a milestone, make sure you reward and celebrate yourself.

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