Tech 101: Getting Started with Useful Links

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Tech is a vast and fast-growing field, with a lot of opportunities for everyone who is looking to enter the field. If you’re interested in getting into tech, here are some useful links you can take to increase your chances of success.


Get started



Networking resources:

  • – one of the largest online communities of software developers
  • devRant – a community where developers can connect and bond over their experiences with code, technology, and the challenges of a career in programming
  • Techface’s events page  – stay informed about the latest community and tech events in Switzerland
  • Female tech communities – follow our female partnering communities for even more networking and insights


For inspiration:



  • Free online workshops – learn new skills, start a new career and find opportunities to collaborate with like-minded experts and students
  • – the community-curated roadmaps, study plans, paths and resources for the budding developers
  • Codum – a platform that hosts a community of learners, where you can pair up with a buddy for support on your coding journey



Education and learning


  • Full Stack Developer Program – a program by TechFace that includes 10 weeks Bootcamp, one career focus week, support to find a 6-month paid job placement, 6 half-day career-enhancing workshops, and personal career coaching
  • Le Wagon – a coding Bootcamp that offers immersive, full-time and part-time courses in software development, data science, and design in various cities around the world
  • Code Excursion – a non-profit organization aims to inspire women from diverse backgrounds to get involved in programming through offering part-time frontend courses, events, and workshops



Software and Web Development 

  • Freecodecamp – a community of people who are learning to code together, a lot of free online courses, and programming projects
  • The Odin Project – a free open-source coding curriculum that can be taken entirely online
  • Codewars – a coding practice website for all programming levels for 55 languages
  • Exercism – 62 programming languages with a unique blend of learning, practice and mentoring
  • Codeacademy – one of the most popular resources for learning how to code. They offer you to learn 14 programming languages
  • Scrimba – a unique approach to an interactive learning platform for front-end developers
  • Technigo – a fast-paced tech education formed to teach the latest technologies, offering UX Design and Web Development Bootcamp
  • CodeEasy – C# tutorial for people who know nothing at all about programming
  • Digital Ocean – a community that offers a lot of
    tutorials, videos, and answers to questions on a wide range of topics
  • JetBrains Academy – a project-based learning platform with more than 1,000 topics on Java, Python and Kotlin


Product Management

  • Growth.Design – learn product skills with bite-sized tips and growth & design strategies used by the top product companies in the world


Game Development


Deep Learning and Machine Learning

  • Elements of AI – a free online course about the basics of AI
  • DeepLearning.AI – a short course “ChatGPT Prompt Engineering for Developers”





Computer Science


Massive Open Online Courses

  • Khan Academy – a not-for-profit educational organization where you can learn how to code computer programs, design algorithms, and discover what a career in computing could look like
  • Coursera – a global online learning platform that offers many coding-based courses from different universities
  • edX – massive open online course (MOOC) provider EdX is an online platform that offers a wide range of technical skills courses in various fields such as computer science, data science, and engineering
  • Udemy – a popular online learning platform that offers you tons of tech-related courses



  • Stack Overflow –  a community question-and-answer website that brings together programmers worldwide
  • – an open-source platform for knowledge discovery that helps you understand any topic in the most efficient way




Career tips:

Prepare for the interview:

  • Tech Interview Handbook – carefully curated handbook to help you ace your next tech interview
  • LeetCode – a platform where people can practice solving coding problems and prepare for technical interviews


This post was written as part of the event “Navigating your career in the Age of AI”, which took place on the 31st of August 2023 in collaboration with digitalswitzerland, LzLabs and Singapore Global Network.

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