From Finance & Banking to Software Engineer: Sue’s Tech Career Transition

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In this interview, we catch up with Sue, who worked in Finance & Banking and made a tech career transition. Sue shares her journey, the lessons she learned along the way and how her life has changed. She also provides valuable insights and advice for anyone considering a similar transition. Learn more about Sue’s inspiring story of taking control of her career and making a successful change in a rapidly growing field.


Hi, can you introduce yourself?

My name is Sue Rocha, I work as a Software Engineer for a Swiss software firm primarily focused on front-end development. I am originally from the United States with Mexican origin but have been living in Switzerland for over 12 years.



What did you do before entering the tech field?

Before entering the tech field, I was in Finance & Banking and had been working in banking for more than 10 years. I worked in both the United States and abroad in Switzerland.


Why did you change your career?

I have always enjoyed learning and working on technology projects and I decided to switch
careers because I needed a challenge and wanted to obtain coding skills that would provide options for me in the tech industry but also for my own venture.


How has the program changed your life? (What happened after finishing the program?)

Joining the program was transformational for me and I honestly don’t think I would have had the same opportunities without it. Through the program, I have also been able to build my network.

My work-life balance has improved dramatically and it has allowed me to have a lot more flexibility with my time vs. with my previous career.


What is your career now?

I am a software engineer and have been since graduating from the Bootcamp and have learned so much since then. Even though I focus primarily on the front end, I am learning so much on the back end and am also working in several FE & BE programming languages.


Which important skills did you learn in this program?

Aside from the coding skills, I have also learned quite a bit about other concepts in the tech industry like software project organization, working with other software engineers, writing technical documentation, teaching technical concepts and many other things.
All these things I find are just as important as coding skills.


What do you like about coding?

I love the problem-solving aspect and being able to deliver and build new products and solutions that users find valuable. I also really enjoy the continuous learning opportunities and the network that this new career
has introduced me to. Honestly, I feel like I am doing what I was meant to do with this career.


What don’t you like about it?

There are times when I get stuck on a problem and I get frustrated but on the bright side, I have always been able to find some kind of solution with the help and guidance from my colleagues or from the tech community.

Also, there is so much to learn and things quickly change so sometimes it is overwhelming because there is so much to learn and limited time but breaking it down into digestible chunks has worked for me so far.


What advice can you give to others who want to get into tech?

I would say that if you are considering this career, you probably should research as much as possible in advance and speak to several people in the tech industry to get some direct perspective and ensure that it is what you expect it to be. Once you decide to make the move, I would advise you to commit yourself fully and concern yourself with learning as much as you can. You will get out of it what you put in so you have to persevere once you are going down this path.

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