Why You Need to Think about Reskilling Today

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In October 2020, the World Economic Forum has once more published The Future of Jobs Report 2020. One of the major insights from the report is, that every other employee needs reskilling within the next 5 years to remain employable for the future of jobs. Thus these employees will be able to adapt to the future jobs market. Even more important to note is, that 40% of current workers’ core skills are expected to change in the next 5 years.

reskilling for future of jobsSource: Future of Jobs Report 2020, World Economic Forum


What is influencing the trend of reskilling?

One of the major factors that have influenced the need for reskilling is for sure the current Covid 19 pandemic. The pandemic has caused massive disruption and forced companies to adapt by using and implementing technological solutions. The pandemic has shown us, that any kind of disruption will need technological advancement to be able to deal with such disruption and mitigate the impact on society.

In line with this, companies have increased the automation of processes with technology. These adoptions required the transformation of tasks, jobs and most of all skills. However, the transformation will also lead to the loss of jobs and create new jobs.

Leading to this new world of technological advancement requires all of us to rethink and evaluate our skills.

workers core skills need reskilling

Source: Future of Jobs Report 2020, World Economic Forum 

How does the future of jobs look?

What does now reskilling really mean for the future of jobs?

Over the next years, the in-demand skills, such as analytical thinking and technology design and programming are on the rise. The increasing rate of automation will ask for jobs such as Data Analysts, AI and Machine Learning Specialist or Process Automation Specialists. On the other hand, jobs in areas such as accounting, bookkeeping or factory workers diminish.

It is reskilling, that allows us to gain these in-demand skills and adapt to the future of jobs. Reskilling allows employers to train their employees with new skills enabling them to take on new roles and tasks within the company.

online learning for reskilling for future of jobsSource: Future of Jobs Report 2020, World Economic Forum 


Why reskilling for the future of jobs today?

According to the Future of Jobs Report, “the window of opportunity to reskill workers has become shorter”. 40% of the core skills of workers will change and 50% of all employees need to reskill. Therefore, companies have recognizes the value of the human capital investment. With the help of online learning, the time to build new skills for the jobs of tomorrow is less than 6 months.

But not only companies have to invest in their employees. The opportunities to learn digital skills online are manifold (check out our list of Online Learning). Furthermore, programs, such as our Full Stack Developer Program, allows you to not only learn new skills but apply them immediately in an internship supported by the skills you already gained in previous roles.

So why should you think about reskilling today? Because the future of jobs is already here and learning new skills has never been made easier.


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