Tech Inspired with Kristin Umbach

Jul 17, 2023 | Podcast

Meet Kristin Umbrach, Head of Corporate Development at Swiss IC Security Group, a cybersecurity company. Kristin started her career in a very non-technical way. Although she wanted to become a marine biologist, she soon figured out that this is not the place for her. So she started studying Business Administration. She was always eager to work in an environment and with people who are ambitious so that she can bring her drive and passion to the table. After her studies, she found the perfect place at an investment bank, where she worked in the area of mergers & acquisitions.

During her first job, she realized that technology plays a vital role in her work to improve processes and become more efficient. This led her to her next job, away from an advisory role into the corporate world of construction. The lack of talent in this industry was driving her and her team to find ways to optimize. And of course, technology plays a great role in this. Her next step, into the role she has now, was then initiated by a head hunter. He saw the potential,skills and expertise she had to bring the necessary added value to this job.

Today she enjoys working with different companies, helping them in their transformation processes and translating the company’s strategy from management to the employees and embedding it in the everyday lives of the employee.

Kristin is a perfect example of being able to change a career into tech. Listen to this episode and learn more about her career and how she moved into tech.

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Kristin Umbach Head of Corporate Development


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