Tech Inspired with Nicole Becker

Nov 23, 2021 | Podcast

Meet Nicole Becker, who is responsible for marketing, sales and partner management at BSI and embraces live as a mom and wife. She started her career in tech during the dot-com phase after finishing her studies in international economy. In her first job she realised that tech is her passion.

However, her interest for tech started much earlier. Born and raised in eastern Germany, accessing a computer wasn’t easy. Only by chance her father came into possession of a computer. And his forward thinking mindset allowed her to learn programing at an early stage.

In this podcast we learn more about Nicole’s career and how important sales is in tech. Nicole had the chance very early in her career to learn this, when she was approached to work for them. Nicole ventured further into the role as a Key Account Manager with a larger provider. Despite being a male-dominated area, she saw that there was a mind shift. People started to see the added value of having mixed teams at the negotiation table.

Are you curious to learn more about the role of sales in tech? Want to know what Nicole recommends to start a career in this area? And what are the skills you need to address the customer needs? Spoiler alert, it is not the tech expertise you will need!
Listen to this episode to hear from someone who did not see herself an expert thriving in this industry and what she recommends you to approach a career in tech.

Get in touch with Nicole and connect with her on LinkedIn.

TechInspired with Nicole Becker


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