Tech Inspired with Roxanne Derhodge

Sep 21, 2021 | Podcast

Meet Roxanne Derhodge, a Forbes Executive Council Member and Resiliency Keynote Speaker. We had the pleasure to invite her to our podcast and talk about authentic leadership. Roxanne has experienced authentic leadership when she was just a kid. She was watching her father leading a corporation looking after their employees first. Impressed by what she saw, she wanted to pursue a career doing exactly this. She wanted to help people to be at their best in what they were doing. Roxanne studied psychology and works today as a coach and consultant for companies, that have realised the importance of authenticity in leadership.

We took the chance to talk to her about what it means to be an authentic leader, how one can find an authentic leader and how to become one yourself. Roxanne shares with us, how companies realise, that they need to change. But ever so often, they are not ready. In our talk, she showcase how a leader can change to put their employees at the core of the company. She helps you to understand, how you can become an authentic leader. Want to learn more from what she has experienced as daughter, leader, coach and consultant?

Roxanne is the author of the book A Therapist Insider’s Guide on Relationships. The book provides in depth information and exercises for anyone who wants to enhance their relationship with someone else. Download it as eBook here.
Her second book, Return on Relationships, is due to be published in Nov 2021.

Find out more about Roxanne here or connect with her on LinkedIn.

This talk was recorded in preparation of the #wetechtogether conference 2021, where we had the pleasure to invite different leaders talking about leadership.

Check out the #wetechtogether conference here.

TechInspired Podcast with Roxanne Derhodge


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