Tech Inspired with Taisha Fabricius

Mar 23, 2021 | Podcast

Meet Taisha Fabricius, who is originally from Australia and now based in Switzerland for the last 10 years. She works as a 3D Technology Evangelist at Esri. Taisha is also a board member of Girls in Tech Switzerland since September 2020.

Taisha has not a straightforward way into tech. Early during her undergrad degree, she realized that the so-called soft skills are one of her biggest strengths and that these qualities were not compatible with the chosen degree. Thus, she had to pivot her career vision. Taisha stumbled upon a degree called Geomatic Engineering in the study book and was intrigued although she had no idea what it was. For those of us, who still do not know either, Geomatic Engineering is a combination of land surveying and informatics. In the beginning of her career, she worked as an engineer for a construction company in Australia and Switzerland.

Want to know what is her most important insight when changing careers? But not only is she sharing this, in this podcast she talks about her take on the advancement of technology.

Listen to this episode to hear Taisha explain how she is dealing with self-doubt and what you can learn from rejections or failures. You will also learn how to find the perfect role for you within your company. And how she created her job as a 3D technology evangelist to fit to her strengths.


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Tech Inspired with Taisha Fabricius | 3D technology evangelist


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