Tech Inspired with Kim Dressendoerfer

Oct 20, 2020 | Podcast

Meet Kim Dressendoerfer, who works as a Technical Specialist and Cognitive Solution Architect for AI and Data at IBM. In this function she gets to use her creativity to build new solutions for clients daily. Therefore, she listens to the clients’ problems, their previously used products and services and what they try to achieve. Kim has a set of AI services at disposal to create fitted and customized solutions.

Already as a young girl, Kim was curious about technology and computers. She just learned by doing and tried to figure out how systems or games work. When thinking about her childhood, she jokingly tells that she was a little gamer back then. Do you wonder, what her first ever played game was? Thus, tune into this episode and learn what started this everlasting fascination for her.

It is easy to get inspired just by listening to Kim talk about her job. She started her career at IBM with an internship and was part of a great team, where she could follow her interest in applying her creativity to find solutions for the problems at hand. This way of thinking helps her to identify common themes and seeing the bigger picture. Additionally, sehe recommends to watch the TED Talk of John Cohn to never worry about motivation at work again for the next 20 years.

To summarize, Kim clearly found a job that aligns with her purpose. Thus, sit down, get yourself a cup of coffee or tea and listen to Kim’s tips how she got there, what drives her for the future, and why her favourite role model has the best quotes.

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