FuckUps: Erfolgreich Versagen

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successful failure

FuckUpNights an der Interactive West

Unsere Mitgründerin Priska wurde von den FuckUpNights Vorarlberg eingeladen, an der Interactive West von ihrem Start-up Fail zu erzählen. Eine kurze Zusammenfassung von ihrer Geschichte findest du hier (nur in Deutsch).

Tech Inspired with Susann Pätschke

Tech Inspired with Susann Pätschke

Meet Susann Pätschke, Ground Station Modem Engineer with CGI for ESA/ESOC. From a young age, Susann has always been fascinated and interested in space, planets, and galaxies. Her parents recognized it pretty quickly and gifted her a telescope, igniting her curiosity...

Tech Inspired with Sandra Zimmerli

Tech Inspired with Sandra Zimmerli

Meet Sandra Zimmerli, Cloud Engineer at novaCapta. From a young age, Sandra was fascinated by computers. She began customizing her first computer - built her own web browser and desktop widgets. She spent hours teaching herself how to use Visual Basic and build web...


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