Talent sourcing to simplify the search for specialists

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Talent Sourcing zur vereinfachten Suche nach Fachkräften Skills Finder

In a recent article in IT Magazine, we presented the Skills Finder project together with the Fernfachhochschule Schweiz (FFHS) and the head of the Laboratory for Web Science for Applied Research. In this article, we talk about the lack of a unified system to verify skills and expertise. Together with FFHS and Beatrice Paoli’s team, we launched a project to solve this problem. The implementation is also supported by an Innosuisse project. In short, it will simplify the talent sourcing for specialists.

Away from classic matching

Our goal is to move away from classic matching. In other words, the decision as to whether a candidate fits a job profile or not should not be machine-dependent. Current systems allow applications to be matched in such a way that the algorithm can be tricked. In addition, matching is often purely semantic, so there is little opportunity to consider transferable skills in the selection process. Therefore, the Skills Finder platform focuses exclusively on validating skills and expertise using a labeling system. For this purpose, the information from the CV is used with the available certificates and work references.

Falsification can be prevented

Surveys have found that more than half of applicants have embellished their resumes in order to be considered for a job offer. Existing blockchain solutions can be used to prevent certificate forgery accordingly. The integration of these solutions adds further value.


We have already released an initial version of the SKILLS FINDER platform for TechFace. This was about giving companies access to previously manually screened profiles of female tech talent. With the implementation of the Innosuisse project in Q2 2022, the platform will be expanded to include profile creation and automatic validation.

Read the full article in IT Magazine here (German only).

Are you interested in publishing your profile on TechFace’s SKILLS FINDER platform? Upload your application now here.

Would you like to get access to this exclusive talent pool as a company? Send us an email and we will contact you shortly with more information.

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